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Galileo Games & Books is a publisher of innovative role-playing games and fiction. Galileo was founded in 1996 by Brennan Taylor to publish his fantasy role-playing game The Legend of Yore. Since that time, Galileo has grown, publishing a variety of game and fiction titles, including Bulldogs!, Thousand Arrows, Heartcatchers, The Ministry Initiative, Blood Red Sands, Kingdom of NothingMortal Coil, and How We Came to Live Here.

Galileo Games & Books proudly works with great game designers, including James Mendez Hodes, Emma Larkins, Jeff Himmelman, Ralph Mazza, J.R. Blackwell, Kenneth Hite, Gareth Hanrahan, and Fred Hicks, and talented writers, including Will Hindmarch, Mur Lafferty, Peter Woodworth, Greg Stolze, and Nathan Lowell.

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Brennan Taylor

President of Galileo Games
Director of Role-playing Game and Fiction Development



Tim Rodriguez

Vice-President of Galileo Games
Director of Tabletop Game Development



Krista White

Vice-President of Galileo Games



James Mendez Hodes

Marketing and Player Outreach