Who could be desperate enough to sign his life away for five long years? Desperate enough to take a job hauling volatile and hazardous cargo to the most dangerous places in the galaxy? You are, that’s who. Welcome to Bulldogs!

Bulldogs! is a high action space adventure. Bulldogs! is about blasters and faster-than-light travel. Bulldogs! is about starship dogfights and ambushes by space pirates in rarely traveled star lanes. The 2011 edition of Bulldogs! uses the Fate system to bring out the space adventurer in you.

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People of the Zone

The Frontier Zone. Home to thousands of unique species. What strange beings will you meet on your journeys? They say there are beings made of pure energy, or completely invisible to the eye. Sentient beings that are fungal spores infesting a dead host. Creatures of incredible size and strength, and those smaller than your hand. The Zone is full of wonderful beings, and once you start out on the starlanes who knows what you might meet.

Written by Brennan Taylor [original author of Bulldogs!], People of the Zone adds 40 unique new species to the Bulldogs! galaxy, all playable character types. Take a look at just a sample of the diversity of the galaxy, and greatly expand the character options for your Bulldogs! game.

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Bulldogs! Heart of the Fury

Heart of the Fury is an extended campaign for Bulldogs! This book contains a series of adventures designed to challenge your crew and to shake the whole galaxy. Big changes are coming, and your players are right at the heart of them. A strange new group has emerged, the Fury, and they are busy trying to capture the Frontier Zone. What’s driving them, and why do their enemies keep surrendering and switching sides? Ancient mysteries, wide-ranging war in the Frontier Zone, and deadly threats from the great Empires. Sounds like a mission for Class D!

Written by Gareth Hanrahan, this 260-page adventure campaign includes a dozen different adventures, and new rules for your Bulldogs! campaign. A new Psychic skill and stunts to add mental powers to your game, three new playable alien species, and an excellent example of how how to craft a full arc campaign to your own Bulldogs! game.

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Bulldogs! Red Star

Hayersch. The Red Star. Home to a Saldrallan penal colony. Strange emanations from a solar flare struck the planet and granted strange powers to those exposed. Ever the pragmatists, the Saldrallan government wishes to turn these people into weapons. The top-secret program to create super-powered soldiers goes wrong in catastrophic and predictable ways, and now the Union is desperately trying to contain the damage. Those with the Red Power are rebelling against the government, and a secret task force is charged with bringing this threat to an end.

Written by Ryan Macklin [Mythender, Fate Core], Red Star adds some strange powers to the Bulldogs! galaxy, powers gained by the criminals held on a penal planet when a cosmic event occurs. Add these powers to your existing campaign or create an entire campaign focusing on the story of these characters, or the shadowy government agency that hunts them.

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No References Required: A Bulldogs! Fiasco Playset

Bulldogs! is already a fiasco, so why not make everything go wrong on purpose? This playset lets you use your favorite Bulldogs! species and setting information in a game of Fiasco. Ship out and let the trouble begin!

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