Gimme Shelter

The zombie apocalypse is here. This is what happens next.

Zombies walk the earth as a father finds food for his daughter in the wasteland. A gun travels from hand to hand. Teenagers make out in a barn while zombies rise outside, and a woman deals with the most important third-date question. Stories of suspense, horror, adventure, and romance meet in this anthology of short fiction.

  • Filamena Young: Fred
  • Jared Axelrod: Don't Work So Well
  • P. J. Schnyder: Remember My Name
  • Christiana Ellis: Zombepreneur
  • Peter Woodworth: Lions
  • Tee Morris: Is Your Love Strong Enough?
  • Mur Lafferty: Third Date Questions
  • David A. Hill Jr.: Interview With the Zombie
  • Philippa Ballantine: Unexpected Results
  • Chuck Wendig: Second Base
  • J. R. Blackwell: Love Letter
These authors knocked it out of the park.”

– Nick Kelly

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