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The Ministry Initiative

Role-playing in the world of The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences! Visit R&D and pick up the latest technology. Face off against members of the House of Usher and the Phoenix Society. Travel the globe to investigate the fantastic and the unexplainable.  Action-packed steampunk adventure in the Fate Core system!

The Ministry Initiative is an exciting new role-playing game that lets you take the role of steampunk secret agents. Designed by the award-winning J.R. Blackwell of Shelter in Place with setting material written by steampunk author P.J. Schnyder, The Ministry Initiative is a Fate Core tabletop RPG, putting you in the field for Queen and Country.

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Tools of the Trade

Today’s steampunk secret agent must have the very latest in technology when hunting down the world’s most peculiar occurrences. Tools of the Trade details the newest inventions to come from Research and Design, reliability guaranteed. Most accidents are attributable to failure to properly study the operation of these devices. Tools of the Trade describes a number of new tools your agents can use in their adventures, as well as some technology captured from enemy organizations and a few very mysterious objects that the boffins in R&D have not yet deciphered.

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