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If you are a game retailer or bookseller, you can send your address and website link to and we'll list you as a vendor of our products here on the site.

Galileo Games products are available to retailers at wholesale from Indie Press Revolution, and Warpath Games Distribution

Galileo Games also participates in the Bits and Mortar program. If a retail customer purchases a physical copy of any of our products from your game store, you can also provide them a PDF copy of the game at no additional cost to the customer. Visit the Bits and Mortar site for more details.

Endgame Oakland

EndGame is a full-line game store and community hub located in downtown Oakland. They sell board games, card games, classic games, puzzles, roleplaying games, miniatures games, and gaming-related hobby supplies.

921 Washington St. (at 10th)
Oakland, CA 94607

(510) 465-3637

The Sentry Box

With over 13,000 sq. ft. of display and gaming space, the Sentry Box is a Mecca for those interested in fantasy, science fiction, or military games, books and miniatures. The policy of the Sentry Box has always been "If it's in print, we'll try to stock it." With over 100,000 different items on the shelves, this shows that they mean what they say.

1835 10th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta
T3C 0K2

(888) 220-2121

Tyche's Games

1056 S. Lumpkin St
Athens, GA 30605

(706) 354-4500