Retro Future

Retro Future is a quarterly pulp magazine that searches for diverse, surprising, and progressive science fiction in art, verse, prose, essays, and comics.

This is a true pulp magazine! It is printed on newsprint-grade paper, and mailed direct to subscribers without an envelope via media mail. This is as much an art project as a magazine. Retro Future was imagined by our Editor-in-Chief John Carimando, and we will do our best to follow his vision for the magazine.

Retro Future is a completely analog publication. We will not be creating a digital version of the magazine, it will only be available via subscription through this page, or directly from Galileo Books at the conventions we attend. We will print a run based on our current subscriber base each quarter. We're starting with 1000 copies, and will scale up if the number of subscribers creates the need. There will never be reprints of the magazine, and it will not be available through retail as currently conceived.

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Official Twitter: @retrofuturemag