Galileo Games Newsletter #6

Tarot, transformation, and new games!

Galileo Games Newsletter #6

Happy February, friends. We've been doing an immense amount of administrative work in the background lately, so some of you will be new to this particular newsletter as we've been continuing to organize our online presence, and we'll try to make sticking around worthwhile.

Our first big topic today is that we're running a Kickstarter as part of #ZineQuest for The Old Ways Must Go, designed by Samphire Savage and Tim Rodriguez (plus two other 'zines!). As of the time of writing, we're more than halfway funded with 22 days to go!

This game is really quite amazing. It's about transforming systems and rituals that have gone sour with age and rebuilding them into something better. If you've played games like Dialect or Microscope, you'll notice some similarities. A digital copy starts at only $10.

Work-in-Progress 'zine sample, on the OWMG playmat

We also mentioned two other 'zines. As part of doing a lot with tarot during this process, Samphire and Tim have designed a whole pile of tarot spreads, and we're putting those all into a second 'zine. Finally, a related project that Tim has been working on is a tarot quick reference guidebook. As a bundle, this will get you started with Old Ways Must Go and also reading tarot, no matter your experience level! And it's a Project We Love, to boot!

Come join us in making this next awesome project a reality!

My Dear Lady Disdain

Since it's almost Valentine's Day, we've put together a cute little two-player game of dueling wit and come-ons. It's titled "My Dear Lady Disdain," and we're making a preview freely available to newsletter subscribers! Not yet a newsletter subscriber? We'll be making it available soon.

Josh and Jordan playing My Dear Lady Disdain

Thousand Arrows enters distribution!

The biggest news of the last month is that Thousand Arrows is entering distribution! Soon, your friendly local gaming stores will be able to get a hold of Thousand Arrows. If you see it on the shelf somewhere, let us know! We'd love to give that shop a shout-out!

In other Thousand Arrows news, Tim has started putting together a new adventure which we'll be playtesting at DREAMATION in a couple of weeks. Attending? Look for an event titled "Love and Cooking at the Sakura Festival."

Until next time friends, stay cute.