Galileo Games Newsletter #9

Galileo Games Newsletter #9
Old Ways Must Go Prototype Playmats

Happy summer, everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, and happy Pride!

Things are heating up (hah) in the Galileo game development laboratories, and we thought we'd share a bit with you today. First, we've got a print prototype of Kung-Fu Kittens in, and aside from some packaging and final rules tests, it's nearly ready to go live! From the photo above, you can see we've gotten some gorgeous prototypes of the playmat for The Old Ways Must Go from Jen, which is also approaching completion. Meanwhile, we've got Ryan working on the Technomage for Katanas & Trenchcoats; Brennan dealing with developmental edits on The Art of Power, Samphire is working on some of the OWMG 'zine edits, and Tim has Curvy Cryptids Roller Jam on deck (as well as helping out with everything else). It's a busy time!

Summer Convention Season

This year, we've decided to take the year off of the big summer conventions due to various work schedules and life needs. So, unfortunately, we won't be at Origins or Gen Con. That said, we'll still have a presence at Gen Con via the IGDN booth. Instead, we're teaming up with Scryptid Games to share a booth at FlameCon, which runs August 17-18 in New York City, and show off all our new stuff.

One of those new things is an adventure outline for Thousand Arrows that we've run a couple of times. It still needs a bit more polish before it's formally published, but if you'd like to help test it by running it at home or at a convention, send us a note via email to info@ or on Discord to @ogreteeth.

We're still planning on the fall conventions, Metatopia and PAX Unplugged, but those are still far enough away that we don't have any further details on those yet.

Shipping Delays

Lastly, a note that due to VACATION, shipping on all physical products is going to be delayed until June 25th. After that, we'll get right back to getting you books.

Until next time, stay-cation(?) friends!

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