Newsletter #2, 10/16/23

Spooky season is well and upon us and to celebrate we're delighted to announce a smaller scale project that we've put together, now on Kickstarter!

The Old Ways Must Go

The Old Ways Must Go is a collaborative ritual game about deconstructing and reconstructing community rituals. It's a bring-your-own tarot deck (or similar) game, and we're raising money to fund the production of a printed 'zine and a lovely playmat. It's also part of the Witchstarter promotion, so pull out your fortune-telling cards and get your spooky on!

The game design convention Metatopia is coming at the beginning of November and we'll be there to show off new games, present on panels, and see old friends and new. It's incredibly inexpensive to join as a playtester, tickets are only $20! If you're convenient to the central NJ area, stop by. Additionally, we're releasing a new small game at the convention and you get to hear about it first.

"Conversational Shrapnel" is a term my co-designer Samphire uses for the phrases that come up in everyday conversation that get picked out and isolated because they're so catchy. You may recall a similar, older sort of game that went something like this:

"_[conversational shrapnel]_ is my _[band name]_ cover band"

A more contemporary, similar take on this adds the phrase "thanks for coming to my TED talk" to the end of an opinion or hot take. For me, this game originated in conversations with other game designers, and I've been talking about making cards that say "...and that's your next game" as a response to the spoken phrase. And this version is our own evolution.

Until next time friends, stay spooky and keep in touch.