Who could be desperate enough to sign his life away for five long years? Desperate enough to take a job hauling volatile and hazardous cargo to the most dangerous places in the galaxy? You are, that’s who. Welcome to Bulldogs!

Bulldogs! is a high action space adventure. Bulldogs! is about blasters and faster-than-light travel. Bulldogs! is about starship dogfights and ambushes by space pirates in rarely traveled star lanes. The 2011 edition of Bulldogs! uses the Fate system to bring out the space adventurer in you.

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Ports of Call: The Frontier Zone

Ports of Call is a collection of new starports and planets from the Frontier Zone. Each location is sketched in, with the details that make it special – the general environment, port amenities, the local laws, what the native residents are like, what kind of jobs you’re likely to find, and what kinds of trouble you might get into. If a new alien species makes the planet their home, Ports of Call presents them as a new playable species.

Ready? Check your blasters and vibro-knives. The airlock is opening. The next port of call awaits! Get your own copy:

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No References Required: A Bulldogs! Fiasco Playset

Bulldogs! is already a fiasco, so why not make everything go wrong on purpose? This playset lets you use your favorite Bulldogs! species and setting information in a game of Fiasco. Ship out and let the trouble begin!

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Show the world that you kick ass! This shirt sports the distinctive and attractive Bulldogs! cover art. Your choice of size and color. Get one for yourself:

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T-Shirt: Bulldogs! Logo

Maybe the cover is too much for you, but you still want to let everyone know you kick ass. Try the simple Bulldogs! logo to display your fandom. Your choice of size and color. Get one for yourself:

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