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Thousand Arrows
It is the sixteenth century. All Japan is at war. Feudal warlords called “big names,” rising from the knight caste, have carved the nation into warring states. Chivalric virtue, Buddhist moderation, friendship, and loyalty fade and fall before the hunger for conquest and glory. The grand prize? None…
Katanas & Trenchcoats
All throughout the Darkest Cosmos, supernatural beings vie for power and dominance. Uncover secret plots and beguiling intrigue. Fight with all of the fabulous powers at your disposal. And find time to rock a new look every weekend at the club. Welcome to Katanas & Trenchcoats, a retromodern rolepl…
Bored with your dead-end job? Tired of your planet-bound life? Is your bland home world too safe for you? Maybe you owe some money to the wrong people, or maybe the gun just somehow went off and now you have an urgent need of a change of scenery. TransGalaxy PanGalactic
OMEGAZONE is an Instant Setting for the Fate Accelerated roleplaying game. This bundle comes with a setting guide plus a 56 card deck that contain all the ingredients you need for adventure. It’s just waiting for you to fill in the details. Adventure generation is just as easy. Included are

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Ghost Pirates
Game Details 2 players, tactical action, 15-30 minutes